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Part of the Brood of Vipers

What Democrats Need to Do Now

Please follow and like us: 0 Things have changed since the November elections and right now movement in in favor of the Democrats. The ineptitude of the Republican President, both Houses of the US Congress,…

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Nellie Bly

The Call Blog is Smokin’

Please follow and like us: 0 Thank you The Call Blog readers! Over the last 30 days we have averaged over 200 page views per day. It seems that we are gaining some traction. We…

Watergate Scandal

It’s Accountability Time for Local Republicans

Please follow and like us: 0 After The Republican President was elected, I’m talking about Donald Trump, virtually all Republicans everywhere were downright giddy. They voiced their support for him 100%. They told us all…

Sen. Richard Burr

How Does Extreme Vetting Work?

Please follow and like us: 0 That’s my question. I have been hearing about it for months and I have no idea what the steps are. If you are vetting an immigrant or a refugee,…