Defending Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville?

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Defending Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville?

Many people, some of them well meaning, have taken to facebook to defend the Right Wing Crazies at Charlottesville. They either don’t know what happened or choose not to know.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

This makes them either ignorant or stupid. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant. There many things that I am ignorant of. But, not wanting to learn something so that you can stop being ignorant is much, much worse than being stupid.

So what if it contradicts what you already believe. Perhaps your beliefs are wrong, and most of the sane I know do not want to believe something that is completely wrong headed.

So, why are so many refusing to believe that the Republican President is lying and enabling some of the worst people in our society. Perhaps they are secretly as bad as he is.

Maybe, they are embarrassed that they were so easily duped by him and his catchy, but meaningless, Make America Great Again slogan. America is not greater than it was before he took office. I won’t argue with you about it, because you are either too hardheaded or not bright enough to understand.

Charlottesville Video

Watch this video of the Charlottesville incident. Count the number of minutes that the discussion was about Robert E. Lee. Count how many comments were about violence, racial superiority, or Nazism.

Here it is:

Why are your elected officials not calling the Republican President out for not doing something about it? Why not ask Patrick McHenry, Thom Tillis, Richard Burr?

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