Does Jason Saine Have Integrity?

ALEC and Jason Saine
ALEC and Jason Saine
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Does Jason Saine Have Integrity?
Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

That’s a question all of us should ask about our elected officials. I have always wanted the people I voted for to be ethical and for their integrity to be unquestioned. I want them to be a better person than I am. After all, they are responsible in a large way for the fate of all their constituents.

So, Here is a little quiz. Answer the questions for yourself as to what you would do. Then we’ll take a look at what Jason Saine, Lincol County’s 97th district Representative to the North Carolina General Assembly did.




Question 1: Let’s say you are unemployed and you apply for unemployment compensation. You are awarded unemployment compensation to the tune of about $350 per month for 52 weeks.

Now you are appointed, just as your year’s worth of unemployment benefits runs out, to fill the vacant seat in the NC House of Representatives. One of the first votes that you are required to take pertains to unemployment benefits. The Bill in question reduces those benefits to $250 per month for 20 weeks. How would you vote? To cut benefits or leave them the same.

Jason Saine voted to not allow anyone to get the same benefits he received in the previous year. He says it is unsustainable, yet he never refused one of his checks. He got his, but you can’t get yours.

Does that show integrity? Is it ethical?

Question 2: Your job as 97th District Representative requires you to wear a suit. You have excess campaign funds and you decide to use them to buy new clothes. Is that ethical to raise money for your campaign and then use the money to buy clothes for you job?

Jason Saine says it is perfectly fine to raise money for one thing and then use it for another entirely different thing. He used those campaign funds to buy clothes required for his job, not his campaign. $19,000 worth of clothes.

Question 3: Your job as 97th District Representative requires you to work 6-8 months per year. You get paid about $13,000 for those 6 months work, plus $104 per day for per diem expenses. That works out to about $1800 per month plus the $2166 per month in salary for a total of $3966 per month.

Could you live on $4000 per month at a part time job?

Apparently not for Jason Saine. He had to spend $19,000 of campaign funds to buy suits for work. He did this over a period of several months, like 2 or 3 months. It that ethical? Does it blind you with integrity?

Raise your hand if you have ever spent $19,000 for clothing over any number of months.

Question 4: It is 2016 and you are running for re-election in the 97th District and you have no opponent. In other words there is no one for any voter to vote for, except you. How much money would you need top spend on your campaign? $5?, $500?, $5000?

Jason Saine spent over $122,000 on his campaign on something, and there was no one running against him. Did he get any of that money? If not, then who did and why did they get it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Question 5: In May of 2016, you introduce a Bill for the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Airport to “allow the Airport Authority to enter into 50 year contracts to  to ”operate on any airport premises restaurants, snack bars, vending machines, food and beverage dispensing outlets, catering services, novelty shops, insurance sales, advertising media, merchandising outlets, motels, hotels, barber shops, automobile parking and storage facilities, automobile service establishments, and all other types of facilities as may be directly or indirectly related to the maintenance and furnishing to the general public of a complete air terminal installation” (This was excerpted from the actual bill proposed by Jason Saine)    Look at Getting Paid in Lincoln County

Do you know any business, anywhere that enters into 50 year contracts with any other business? Who are these businesses? Does Jason get anything for this? Does this even smell ethical? Would you introduce a bill with 50 year contracts to businesses?

I’m going to stop right now. This is starting to smell too bad.. More to come, though, at a later date.

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2 Comments on "Does Jason Saine Have Integrity?"

  1. Is he not required to file an accounting of expenses with the state board of elections? Why would anyone need $322K for this position? If he did spend $19k on clothes from campaign funds, Isn’t this a violation of the law?

    • You’ve got me. His expenses for clothes were found out from his filings on his campaign. Doesn’t sound right to me either

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