If Patrick McHenry Told the Truth

I have done nothing, "zero."
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If Patrick McHenry Told the Truth
Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

What if Republican Representative Patrick McHenry told the truth to his voters in the 10th Congressional District of North Carolina. Since January of 2017, McHenry has been in his home district about a half dozen times, often for multiple days or even a week. Not one time has he met with voters in his district to discuss issues.

Instead he likes to go to elementary schools to speak with a group of 5th graders, or a fire department, or to 4 or 5 people at a small business. Those are great photo ops, but they don’t inform anyone about what he is doing. He is supposed to represents those who elected him and those who voted against him, but we don’t know what he is doing.

I have asked his offices at least a dozen times (using my real name) to have a Town Hall Meeting. Know what I heard? Crickets.

So, I decided to make up an interview with Patrick McHenry using readily available information. In that interview I answer for Republican McHenry with truthful statements and info. That info is cited here so that anyone can check the “truthiness” of the responses.

For clarification “TP” is me and “PM” is your Republican Representative Patrick McHenry.

TP: I received your Congressional Newsletter twice this week where you were very proud of voting to repeal Dodd-Frank which would keep large banks and inverstments houses from trashing our economy like they did in 2008. Why did you want to repeal or replace Dodd-Frank?

PM: It’s very simple Thomas. I received $373,000 in contributions from the Securities and Investment industry.

TP; So you are saying that you supported the repeal of a law that protects the life savings of people in your district simply because those investment houses gave you lots of money?

PM: No, not at all. It’s not just because that industry gave me nearly $400,000. It’s also because the banking industry gave me $222,000, too.

TP: Are you saying that your vote is being bought by industry groups?

PM: Of course not. I also get money from lobbyists that represent others than those mentioned earlier.

TP: How much from the lobbyists?

PM: Not much at all, only $124,000.

TP: OK, I think I get it. Let’s change gears. Why did you vote for the AHCA, Paul Ryan’s and the Republican President’s healthcare plan?

PM: Why do you always call President Trump the Republican President?

TP: Because he’s a Republican and the President.

PM: That’s not fair. You’re just trying to tie me to the President’s policies.

TP: Well, duh. You support the Republican President and his policies, don’t you?

PM: Of course.

TP: Then why don’t you want me to connect you with him?

PM: Because, Benghazi.

TP: What the hell does that mean?

PM: I don’t know, but every time I say it the Trumpanzees forget all about me and start talking about Hillary. Then I don’t have to talk about how I never do anything for the regular people in my district. You know, they like to call her Killary. Cute isn’t it?

TP: Ok. Back to my question. Why did you vote for the AHCA, Paul Ryan’s and the Republican President’s healthcare plan?

PM: That’s simple. It’s because I got $343,000 from the insurance industry.

TP: So, the AHCA will only help the insurance industry?

PM: No, no, not at all. It also helps billionaires by giving them a tax cut. That’s in the bill, you know.


I have done nothing, “zero.”

TP: Why do you want to give billionaires a tax cut?

PM: They give me money.

TP: What about protecting the environment? Reducing our carbon footprint? Slowing global warming?

PM: Those environmental issues are fake news put out there by snowflakes.

TP: Isn’t snow in the winter part of our environment?

PM: Snow is a great thing, especially for our ski slopes. There are no snowflakes in snow.

TP; So, you have no concerns about the environment at all?

PM: I’ll be concerned about the environment when hootie owls start making contributions to my campaign. You know the fossil fuel industry gave me lots of money. We need to wrap this up. There’s a kindergarten class waiting for me to read them a story.

TP: Ok. Thanks for talking with me. We’ll have to do this again.

PM: When hell freezes over. Being honest gives me a headache.


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2 Comments on "If Patrick McHenry Told the Truth"

  1. This “truthiness” interview is right on target. These are exactly the reasons why McHenry sides with the big industries$$$$$$. For once Mc Henry is telling the truth (sarcasm).

    • Thank you for your comments. I hope you’ll visit us often, and tell your friends about our site. If you have any ideas for blog posts, let us know. Thanks again.

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