North Carolina

Republican Representative Patrick McHenry

6 Questions to ask McHenry at his Town Hall

Representative Patrick McHenry (R, 10th District) usually has his Town Hall Meetings in August. His office has told me numerous times that he never has them except in the month of August. Well it’s almost…

Senator David Curtis

NC GOP, You Don’t Want to be Kansas

The Republican North Carolina General Assembly is doing their best to become the new Kansas. To misquote The Republican President, “You don’t want to be Kansas, believe me.” In 2012, California raised taxes on millionaires…

Speaker Tim Moore

Gerrymandering of Judicial Districts in NC?

This is important. Several Republican NC Legislators want to gerrymander the NC Judicial Districts. Now, we all know that the Judiciary is supposed to be impartial and free from politics. This bill would change all…