Richard Burr

Child Coal Miners

Conservative Christians Read This

I am posting this link with almost no commentary. I can’t say it better or add anything to it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you uncomfortable. The Exodus

Watergate Scandal

It’s Accountability Time for Local Republicans

After The Republican President was elected, I’m talking about Donald Trump, virtually all Republicans everywhere were downright giddy. They voiced their support for him 100%. They told us all to give him a chance. The…

Sen. Richard Burr

How Does Extreme Vetting Work?

That’s my question. I have been hearing about it for months and I have no idea what the steps are. If you are vetting an immigrant or a refugee, how do you Extreme Vet them?…

Sen. Richard Burr

Does Your Senator Work for You?

I’ve wondered about that for awhile. Let me tell you a story. Over the last 2 weeks I called Senator Richard Burr (R. NC) to express my displeasure over the nomination of Betsy DeVoss as…