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McHenry Votes for His Wallet, not Constituents

Once again 10th Congressional District Representative, Patrick McHenry, is more concerned with his wallet than his Constituents in the 10th Congressional District. In 2016, Patrick McHenry (R-NC) received $2.1 Million from the financial sector in…

This photo shows a violation of the US Flag Code

Shallow Christians and Bogus Patriots

I read lots of things, but the most disturbing often are on facebook. There are lots of people there who like to tout their Christianity or their Patriotism, and often both at the same time….


Whiny Conservatives, It’s Getting Old

It’s getting very old and tiresome, when every whiny conservative has to post on facebook about their rights being violated. The latest issues that has their panties all in a wad is Colin Kaepernik, and…

Republican Representative Patrick McHenry

Patrick McHenry’s Town Hall Meetings

About 6 months ago I began calling 10th District Rep. Patrick McHenry’s office to see when he would be conductng a Town Hall Meeting locally. I was told every time that he has his Town…

Sen. Richard Burr

Does Your Senator Work for You?

I’ve wondered about that for awhile. Let me tell you a story. Over the last 2 weeks I called Senator Richard Burr (R. NC) to express my displeasure over the nomination of Betsy DeVoss as…

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

NC Legislators to Suspend Their Morals Today

Today the North Carolina General Assembly is supposed to repeal HB2, the North Carolina Bathroom Law. We’ll see what other strings they try to attach to this repeal. I’m sure there will be some. That’s…

Speaker Tim Moore

Rumors: Lincoln, Gaston Iredell Legislators

The elections are over and there are quite a few rumors floating around about our local Legislators. Let’s start with the elections. Judge Meredith Shuford won re-election over Justin Brackett 36,376 to 35,767, but that’s…