tim moore

Child Coal Miners

Conservative Christians Read This

I am posting this link with almost no commentary. I can’t say it better or add anything to it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you uncomfortable. The Exodus https://davebarnhart.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/the-exodus/

Sen. Richard Burr

How Does Extreme Vetting Work?

That’s my question. I have been hearing about it for months and I have no idea what the steps are. If you are vetting an immigrant or a refugee, how do you Extreme Vet them?…

Vladimir Putin from the Japan Times

What About the Russian Hackers?

I don’t know if it is deliberate or not, but we haven’t heard a word in the last week or so about Russia trying to hack our election. I would say that the Republican President…

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

NC Legislators to Suspend Their Morals Today

Today the North Carolina General Assembly is supposed to repeal HB2, the North Carolina Bathroom Law. We’ll see what other strings they try to attach to this repeal. I’m sure there will be some. That’s…

Speaker Tim Moore

Rumors: Lincoln, Gaston Iredell Legislators

The elections are over and there are quite a few rumors floating around about our local Legislators. Let’s start with the elections. Judge Meredith Shuford won re-election over Justin Brackett 36,376 to 35,767, but that’s…