Vote Against all Six Constitutional Amendments on the Fall Ballot

ALEC and Jason Saine
ALEC and Jason Saine
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Vote Against all Six Constitutional Amendments on the Fall Ballot
Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

The North Carolina General Assembly has proposed 6 Constitutional Amendments to be on the ballot this November. All should be voted against. They are either unnecessary, or simply too vague to be passed. The general Assembly is giving themselves the power to “fill in the blanks later” so that the citizens will not know exactly what they are voting on.
That is wrong.

Here they are. MY reasons for not voting for them are in italics

Amendment to Article 1 of NC Constitution

The right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife is a valued part of the State’s heritage and shall be forever preserved for the public good. The people have a right, including the right to use traditional methods, to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, subject only to laws enacted by the General Assembly and rules adopted pursuant to authority granted by the General Assembly to (i) promote wildlife conservation and management and (ii) preserve the future of hunting and fishing. Public hunting and fishing shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. Nothing herein shall be construed.

This is totally unnecessary. You already have these rights. You hunters and fishermen can hunt and fish following the hunting and fishing regulations. This changes nothing. It’s a waste of time and money.


Victims’ rights
Jason Saine

Jason Saine, don’t vote for him.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to provide grounds for a victim (i) to appeal any decision made in a criminal or juvenile proceeding; (ii) to challenge any verdict, sentence, or adjudication; (iii) to participate as a party in any proceeding; or (iv) to obtain confidential juvenile records.
(4) No restriction of authority. Nothing in this section shall be construed to restrict the power of the district attorney, or the inherent authority of the court.
(5) Implementation. The General Assembly may prescribe general laws to further define and implement this section.”

Victims would not be able to appeal any decision, or challenge any verdict or sentence. Do you really want that if you are a victim of a crime? You have that right now. Do you want to give it up?


Section 1 Article 6

The legislative powers of the State government shall control the powers, duties, responsibilities,

Senator David Curtis

Senator David Curtis, he was defeated

appointments, and terms of office of any board or commission prescribed by general law. The executive powers of the State government shall be used to faithfully execute the general laws prescribing the board or commission.”
The legislative delegation provided for in Section 6 of Article I of this Constitution shall control any executive, legislative, or judicial appointment and shall be faithfully executed as enacted.

The General Assembly is granting itself the power to control all boards and commissions of the state. Legislative overreach. Vote no.


Section 1 Article 4

In filling any vacancy in the office of Justice or Judge of the General Court of Justice, individuals shall be nominated on merit by the people of the State to fill that vacancy. In a manner prescribed by law, nominations shall be received from the people of the State by a nonpartisan commission established under this section, which shall evaluate each nominee without regard to the nominee’s partisan affiliation, but rather with respect to whether that nominee is qualified or not qualified to fill the vacant

Leaders of the General Assembly from the Raleigh News and Observer

Leaders of the General Assembly from the Raleigh News and Observer

office, as prescribed by law. The evaluation of each nominee of people of the State shall be forwarded to the General Assembly, as prescribed by law. The General Assembly shall recommend to the Governor, for each vacancy, at least two of the nominees deemed qualified by a nonpartisan commission under this section. For each vacancy, within 10 days after the nominees are presented, the Governor shall appoint the nominee the Governor deems best qualified to serve from the nominees recommended by the General Assembly.

It seems that in any Judicial election, voters will be voting on a nominee to the bench. The General Assembly will get to send two nominees to the Governor who will have to select one of them. Of course they say it will be non partisan. Look at their record. It will be totally partisan.


Section 2 Article 5

(6) Income tax. The rate of tax on incomes shall not in any case exceed ten seven percent, and there shall be allowed personal exemptions and deductions so that only net incomes are taxed.

Limiting the top income tax is frivolous at best. There could be a reason, such as a disaster to increase it for a short time. If you notice, they didn’t mention a word about other taxes (i.e Sales Tax, gas tax, property tax, fees, licenses, etc.). Guess what they will raise. It’s not like they ever did that before.


Section 2 Article 6

(2) Voters offering to vote in person shall present photographic identification before voting. The General Assembly shall enact general laws governing the requirements of such photographic identification, which may include exceptions.”

No mention of what kind of ID. They say they will tell us later. Maybe it will be a Sam’s or Costco membership card. Who knows? And who knows if it will be something that we all will have to pay additional for. Sounds like the “mark of the beast” to me.

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    Thanks for clarifying these.

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